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Thinking about a Kitchen Update?


Here are some things to consider before diving in:

  • Kitchen remodels take time: consider a timeframe that won't interfere (too much) without having a working kitchen. Maybe spring or summer, when it’s easier to grill and eat outside.

  • Budget your project so you have enough money to cover essentials; then think about what you might want as an extra (a new fridge, perhaps?).

  • Give kitchen usage serious thought. Are you the sole cook, or do you prefer having company in the kitchen?  Is your kitchen the beating heart of your home? Determining counter space and cabinets in that context will help you design what you really need without wasting space (and money).

  • Work with design professionals with experience in design and installation. Some projects are great for DIY; others demand accuracy and knowhow that you might not have (yet).

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