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Meet the Owners

(The Rest of the KBD Team)

Keith Gerstenmaier has been working and living in Fairfield County for more than 40 years. His professional background is as diverse as his visual aesthetic, which is thoughtfully eclectic. A skilled artist, designer, carpenter, and builder (with a business degree), Keith’s formidable talent and experience are valuable assets to his work and to his clients. 

Longtime Fairfield County resident Jim Cocks brings exceptional skills and broad-ranging experience to the business of building. Jim’s get-it-done right (and right now) approach ensures every job he oversees runs efficiently and on time.  His relentless attention to clients’ needs is uncompromising and  virtually unheard of in the home renovation business.

Keith and Jim, owners of KBD & Coger Residential

Coger Residential is a remodeling, renovation, and design company. With a combined 60 years in the industry, Coger has carved a niche as a full-service home remodeling business with distinguished design services.

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