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Kitchens by Design specializes in partnering with you to create your dream kitchen. We work together to design a new kitchen that is functional, beautiful, practical, enhances the value of your home, fits your budget requirements -- and that you, your family and friends will LOVE.  We look forward to sharing our kitchen design expertise with you.



COMPLIMENTARY SERVICES  Free initial consultations.

Make an appointment to see us, or if you’re in the neighborhood, stop by our showroom. We’d love to talk with you about how we can help bring your kitchen into the 21st Century. Bring us the rough dimensions of your space; we’ll review and discuss possibilities of layout, door styles, colors, accessories and materials.  We’d also like to see any inspirational photos you’ve collected, as well as blueprints, interior and exterior photos of your home – anything you have that helps us understand your kitchen goals and dreams. Expect this initial consultation to take about an hour.


We then create a preliminary kitchen design, after which we schedule a follow-up consultation at our showroom. At this meeting, we present and review with you our preliminary design concept, based on the information gathered in our initial consultation. We share with you a rough pricing estimate, along with a visual image of your new space to ensure we accurately interpret your ideas and requirements. Once you approve this preliminary design, your project moves to the design phase.





To begin the design phase, Kitchens By Design requires a signed Design Retainer Agreement and payment of a non-refundable retainer. The amount of the retainer varies depending on the scope of the project, but will generally be 10% of the estimated cost of the cabinetry. The retainer will be applied to the cost of your cabinets, upon purchase.


If you prefer, instead of entering into a Designer Retainer Agreement, you may pay an hourly rate for further design work with no commitment.



A KBD designer will come to your home to measure existing space, discuss appliance selection and define detailed design requirements. If your space is unfinished, we will begin the detail design process but will need to re-measure once walls are in.



At this juncture, we present you a proposed detailed design in both floor plan and elevation formats, and you will begin to see your new space come to life. We’ll solicit your feedback on the design, door styles, materials, colors, style and overall functionality of the design. We use the detailed information gathered during this meeting to arrive at the final design.



Between the initial design review and the final design review, we make revisions based upon your input. We encourage you to thoroughly assess the drawings before requesting changes.  All revisions should be made in writing; we request that you assemble all your revisions and submit them to us in one emailed document.



Once your requested revisions have been made, we meet for the last review of the design, which should be close to being finalized. Now is the time for any final tweaks.



Once the design is completed by us and approved by you, we prepare the Purchase Agreement along with supporting documentation. Together we review and sign off on the final layout, elevation drawings and cabinetry specifications, and your cabinet order is ready to be placed.



Working backward from the date your new cabinets need to be onsite for installation, we calculate the appropriate time to place your order, based on current lead times. When placing your order, a 50% deposit (minus credit for design retainer) is required for our premium line cabinets. The value cabinet lines, along with appliances, plumbing and hardware will require payment in full before orders can be placed.





Once the order has been placed, most of the work has been done. We provide status updates on your order as they become available and will inform you of your approximate delivery window.



We coordinate shipping and site delivery. Payment of your remaining balance is due two days prior to the shipment from the selected cabinetry manufacturer. A member of our team will be on-site (local deliveries only) to ensure all cabinetry arrives as specified. We will provide installation documentation and assist with any questions or issues arising during cabinetry installation.


Be advised that any pricing we convey to you during the design process does not include applicable sales tax or site delivery charges.

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