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Delicious gift ideas: Here are the 11 hottest kitchen trends for the new year

You know what would make a great holiday present for your you or your partner? A modernized, on-trend kitchen. So, now that you've cleaned up the old kitchen after your Thanksgiving feast and are finishing up the leftovers, KBD wants to help you envision that big gift by sharing the hottest kitchen trends for 2024.

Curves are one of today's hottest kitchen concepts. No, we're not suggesting shaping the whole room like a football. But rounded off and undulating countertops are now all the rage. Not only are curved islands visibly appealing, they can also add space to smaller kitchens and double as a breakfast bar if an overhang is built in, Seasons in Colour recommends.

Here are 10 more 2024 kitchen trends that everyone's talking about:

  1. "Quiet luxury": Kitchens will calm down in 2024. That means softer, more natural colors and a minimalist aesthetic, Seasons of Colour forecasts.

  2. Culinary color: Some shades are in and some are out, according to Homes & Gardens, which encourages using subtle pinks instead of harsh reds, swapping beige and taupe in for tired grays, and replacing white with a "mood-boosting yellow." Also, navy blue is out and cobalt, lapis and cerulean are in. But the most popular color of all in 2024 may be GREEN (scroll down to No. 6 on this link.)

  3. Not so loud! The aforementioned quiet luxury concept also extends to appliances and other areas of the kitchen. These days, more homeowners are choosing ultra-quiet dishwashers, replacing noisy trash compactors with pull-out receptacles and installing soft, push-to-open cabinets, Real Simple suggests.

  4. Layered lighting: Illumination now means LEDs around your islands, under cabinets and in alcoves with wall sconces and a "spectacular" fixture above the island, Real Simple adds.

  5. Into the woods! Wood will be one of the hottest materials in 2024 for cabinets, surfaces and other features. Wood is being used is more kitchens to create a more organic feel.

  6. Communal seating: Islands that can be surrounded by stool are more conducive to conversations than bar-style seating, House Beautiful asserts.

  7. Extra-large fridges: It's all about more storage these days and that extends to the refrigerator. Bigger fridges means fewer trips to the supermarket and more room to store the ingredients for more adventurous recipes, says.

  8. Outdoor connections: Extending kitchens into outdoor spaces, such as terraces and rooftops, is getting home chefs a bigger taste of nature, Elle Decor notes. Outdoor grills are an obvious amenity, but have you thought about herb gardens that provide fresher-than-fresh seasoning?

  9. In-room coffee bars: This is another trend that extends your kitchen—into other rooms. A coffee bar in the bedroom can provide for some precious private moments in the morning, Delish councils.

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