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Ease into the season with fall appetizers

Sometimes the hors d'oeuvres are just so good, you might as well make a full meal out of them—and fall appetizers are no different. As kitchen designers, we've always got the room's main purpose in mind—showing off your new appliances and vast amounts of storage to friends and loved ones!

Hah, just kidding! It's all about making amazing meals, and while we want you to eat wall this fall, we thought we'd ease us all into the changing seasons with some fall appetizers. We think's easier to bid farewell to summer with a bowl of cranberry salsa than with a hearty beef stew (or Beyond beef stew).

So, as you makeover your menus for sweater weather, we've found a fresh batch of fall appetizers that work for whetting appetites or as full meals. Does candy corn count as an appetizer? What about "totchos?"

Do you know what totchos are? We didn't—and neither did our spellchecker—until just now.

These fall appetizers are a bit far out

We like good old chips and guacamole as much as anyone but, for this section, we though we'd try to add some unique appetizers to your repertoire:

Entertaining autumn hors d'oeuvres

We're not quite sure where these starters fit on the menu but they are sure to entertain the kids and the young at heart:

Start me up with starters

Let's wrap up the blog (and start the autumn solstice party) with fall recipes for the at-home chefs who want to impress but not experiment:

Thanks to the following websites for the recipes: Ahead of Thyme, AllRecipes, Country Living EatingWell, Family Fresh Meals, Good Housekeeping and The Pioneer Woman.

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