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5 sources of inspiration for fall kitchen redesigns 🍂

Updated: Sep 1, 2023

Cozy season is just around the corner! Summer may be winding down but enjoying all four seasons—and the cooking aromas that go with each one—is why you live in the Northeast, right?

We think you deserve a savory stew 🍲 after a hard day of raking leaves and that your kitchen should be as fresh as the veggies simmering in the pot. Kitchens By Design is here help with a hearty helping of fall kitchen redesign ideas. While you can complete the simpler ones on your own, you might want to consult a professional before you start tearing out the cabinets and plumbing fixtures.

You're ready for fall kitchen redesigns

Here are five sources of fall kitchen inspiration that Kitchens By Design is eager to add to your autumn culinary reality:

  1. Starting simple, here is a list of 9 fall kitchen décor ideas from Home & Garden.

  2. Now, you will need a pro to get started with these kitchen trends from Better Homes & Gardens, whose experts are seeing a return to more traditional designs and plenty of concealed storage.

  3. We checked with one of our vendors, Fabuwood, and they are of course all over the hottest kitchen trends of the year.

  4. We hope your interest was piqued as much as ours was by these dozens and dozens of ideas from Good Housekeeping!

  5. Finally, here's a look ahead to the kitchens of 2024.

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