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Let the envisioning begin with these 2024 kitchen and bath design trends

You're not the only one thinking about how the most comfortable spaces in your home might be transformed. These 2024 kitchen and bath design trends will help bring your vision into sharper focus.

One of the most exciting trends are back kitchens, also known as sculleries. These auxiliary spaces are increasingly in-demand as kitchens become the gathering space for parties and get-togethers, Livingetc magazine says. Hosts can use back kitchens as a place to hide kitchen clutter such as dirty dishes, groceries and linens.

Color is also getting a rethink. Unique and bold color schemes in the kitchen and darker hues in pantries are two ways to express yourself in 2024, according to Livingetc magazine. When it comes to pantries, the darker tones can make the space look less like a storage area.

Textured surfaces, integrated and exposed shelving and multifunctional worktops are among the leading 2024 kitchen and bath design trends spotlighted by Wallpaper magazine. This includes a drip-saving groove along the edge of your worktop, decorative display shelving that also keeps essential kitchen tools handy and islands that allow hosts to prep, cook, entertain and more.

Self-care in 2024 kitchen and bath design trends

Homeowners are looking to bring a highly individualized sense of health and wellness into their favorite rooms. When it comes to bathrooms, more of us are looking to create "personal retreats" that emphasize self-care and include fixtures they may not be found just anywhere, notes Kitchen Bath & Design News.

Faucets—festive faucets, to be precise—are another area that's getting more personalized attention in bathrooms. Vintage and industrial fixtures and highly-designed details are increasingly in demand, Kitchen Bath & Design News adds.

Finally, when it comes to celebrity flourishes, Homes & Gardens insists that an ultra-convenient kitchen window leading to an outdoor bar or counter will be all the age in the new year. The design comes from Queer Eye star Bobby Berk, who says the folding window not only makes serving more convenient but also improves air flow in the kitchen.

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