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What's hot ❤️‍🔥! Appliance garages & countertop ☕️ must-haves ...

Updated: Oct 9, 2023

You can live clutter-free and still have a mini pizza oven, a single-shot ice cream maker and a see-through (or touchscreen) toaster. How is that possible, you ask? Have you considered an appliance garage? Do you know what an appliance garage is?

It is not a place to get the oil changed in your washing machine. It's basically a nook where you can park countertop appliances. You can use it as, for instance, a coffee station or as a place to conceal your small appliances when they're not in use.

And, it's an amenity that can blend in seamlessly with the rest of your cabinetry But we're not just here to introduce you to the concept. We want to open your eyes to all the possibilities an appliance garage presents when refreshing your favorite room, or building it from scratch.

ABCs of appliance garages

The door can make or break your appliance garage. If it doesn't open onto counter space, consider a door that opens top-down to create a counter. This will make space for a cup of coffee or a warm, Better Homes & Gardens recommends. On the other hand, a rollup won't take up any counter space at all.

Rest assured, you don't have to settle for just one appliance garage. You can place them side-by-side to give your kitchen " function without visual clutter" or stack them to "maximize storage at the end of a run of cabinetry or in a narrow stretch of wall between windows," BHG points out.

And don't be afraid to place an appliance garage in a corner to stow small appliances without cramping your kitchen's style.

The concepts above all sit above the counter. But there are options below, too. Houzz suggests placing blenders and stand mixers in lower-cabinet appliance garages that feature specialized lifts and in-cabinet outlets.

When it comes to flourishes, LED light strips (hard-wired or plugged in) not only make your parked appliances easier to see but can lend a high-end look, Houzz says. The website also points out that a pot filler or another type of faucet will streamline the process of adding water to mixing bowls, soda makers and electric kettles.

Check back in with the KBD blog for some ideas for what to park in your appliance garage.

Don't know to park in your appliance garage. The KBDKitchenBlog has more than a few ideas.

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