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These countertop appliances will capture 👀 everyone's attention

So you've got a fresh, spacious and conveniently located appliance garage jazzing up your kitchen, and helping you get organized. Now, you need to refresh your countertop appliances. Because they won't be cluttering up your counter space (because of the aforementioned appliance garage, of course.)

The new wave of countertop appliances features smart devices, automated devices, see-through devices and devices that aim to deliver restaurant-quality crispness.

Some clever countertop appliances

Bon Appétit's editors say a countertop appliances has to " make cooking easier, more joyful, and more delicious" to claim precious counter space. The 2023-24 class of kitchen appliances will certainly up your kitchen game, from coffee to ice cream to french fries.

Taste of Home is cluing us in on some "genius kitchen additions" that land on the more indulgent side of kitchen counter:

  1. The Ninja Creami is a snappy alternative to those other clunky, homemade ice cream machines. "Supersonic power churns up luxuriously thick ice cream concoctions in just a few simple steps."

  2. "The Keurig of cocktail machines": the Bartesian cocktail maker has reservoirs for four different liquors and allows users to set a drink’s strength.

  3. Nut milk maker: Sometimes, you don't know what you're getting as far as preservatives and additives when you buy nut milk from the supermarket. The Almond Cow requires only the plant-based ingredients of choice, water and the press of a button to deliver homemade nut milk.

How to capture everyone's attention 👀 with countertop appliances

The best countertop appliances are multitaskers. Food & Wine picked the following favorites for baking, roasting, blending, chopping, boiling and downhill skiing (just kidding about that last one 🙃:

The talk of the toasters

Just how fancy or far-out can a toaster get? Revolution's touchscreen toaster "knows exactly how to toast baked goods to perfection," says Taste of Home, which calls it "the most customizable toaster ever." All you have to do is tap the touchscreen for the item you're toasting and select from seven levels of crispness.

And now for something completely different: a see-through toaster. The DASH Clear View Toaster lets home chefs check the shade of their toast in real time.

Oh yeah, about those aforementioned appliance garages. The KBD Kitchen Blog has some ideas to share to help you clear up your countertops with a cozy home for your favorite appliances.

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