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The kitchen is all about the cabinets, right?

Cabinets are literally the face of your kitchen. They're the first thing you see—and the first things your dinner guests get to admire. At Kitchens By Design of Danbury, whether it's light-up lazy Susans or earthy tones or open shelving, we want to keep you current on the coolest features for your favorite room in the house.

But don't take it just from us. We've combed the web for you to find the shades and shapes of cabinets you'll be delighted to put your pots and pans in, and here's what we found:

Wood grain: It's actually, "Wood grain, galore," according to Real Simple's reading of the MasterBrand 2024 Cabinetry Design and Trend Report. Brown, and anything "brown-adjacent" is a big deal in 2024. It's all about wood's warmth and natural feel. Real Simple suggests sticking with lighter-woods, which age more gracefully.

Beyond brown: Orange and red undertones, creamy taupes and off-whites are also prime palette movers right now, Real Simple and MasterBrands say. Again, warmth is key here, as so is the "depth and character" created by orange and red accents.

More color considerations: Homeowners—and their designers—are also mixing colors in their kitchens. MasterBrand notes that muted and moody shades such as blue, gray and black are also popular.

Open-minded design: Appliance design is getting more sophisticated. So, if you want to show off that retro-toaster or authentic Italian espresso maker you got for the holidays, open and glass-fronted shelves are the way to go, The Spruce advises.

Transitional vs. traditional: Some classic styles are getting updates. The Spruce has spotted the "skinny shaker" transitional design which combines an old standby with thinner frames.

Flying off the handles: "Statement hardware" will really make your cabinet doors standout, Better Homes & Gardens contends. Anique knobs and pulls, particularly in a striking shade such as gold, will make the surfaces pop.

Custom storage: False fronts and other dead spaces are a a thing of the past. Along with good old lazy Susans and built-in spice racks, it's all about sneaky storage such as pullouts, bread boxes and other clever compartments, BHG notes. Also along these lines are integrated appliances that blend in with your cabinet doors.

Fill 'er up: Floor-to-ceiling cabinetry is often combined with open shelving to allow minimal storage in other parts of the kitchen, such as cooking areas, BHG attests.

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