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Go Beyond Green: Kitchen Colors Captivating Us Right Now

Green has been dominating the world of kitchen colors for awhile now. We're not against green or any of its grassy and olive shades. We used to drive a green car! But we thought we'd show you some other shades and color combos that are now, or soon will be, trending in kitchen design.

When it comes to refreshing your kitchen colors, the mission is not necessarily repainting the whole room. You and your designer can make a big splash by with just your cabinets, islands and other fixtures to create contrasts with walls and floors.

Read on to stay ahead of the curve and become a trendsetter yourself.

Saturated blue, acid yellow & the Greek isles

A few examples from The Spruce prove that your jazzy colors don't have to cover every surface. A rich saturated blue makes a striking contrast with lighter surfaces while acid yellow brings neutral spaces to life. The Spruce also suggests pairing yellow as a "shot of mood-boosting color" with a serene blue and white kitchen to invoke the Greek isles.

Strokes of sherbet

Sherbet shades, such as pistachio green and coral, can provide both cheer and warmth on islands and cabinets, notes The Spruce, which also urges you not to forget the floor. In No. 32 on its list, it shows off a neon-colored floor that adds an unexpected flourish to an already colorful kitchen.

Orange you glad I said "orange?"

Orange may be outside the box but House Beautiful goes bold with a vermillion orange that will "brighten up even the most overcast of days." Stainless steel appliances are strategically placed to temper the boldness of the orange (See No. 4 on the list).

Continuing the theme, a burnt orange is paired with light pink (No. 32) for a softer level of boldness.

Cozy as an ... eggplant!

On the opposite of House Beautiful's spectrum are mauve and grey (No. 5), and black and charcoal (No. 7) combos that create cozier kitchens. Perhaps, the coziest—and most appetizing—are the eggplant cabinets (No. 13).

Not Barbie's dream house

Aqua creates a modern look while a pastel blue forces us to look up at the often-neglected "fifth wall"—that is, the ceiling, according to Good Housekeeping. Darker pinks can instill a more mature vibe without turning your kitchen into Barbie's dream house while paler shades of pink can work—in the right environment, the website says.

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