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Imagining a new kitchen? Here are 9 mistakes to avoid

Updated: Jan 21

We wholeheartedly agree that you should let your imagine run wild when envisioning your new kitchen. But we'd also like to share some gentle guidance from the web about some common kitchen design mistakes people make as they enter the design phase.

Common kitchen mistakes to avoid

First of all, don't try to hire a full-time chef. It's prohibitively expensive and they can be very temperamental.

No. 2, don't try to fit a hot-tub into your kitchen. While it may make snacks and drinks more accessible when you're in the Jacuzzi, it can cause foggy conditions and you really don't want chlorine splattering onto your hardwood floor.

OK, let's get serious-ish. Here are some tips for refining your vision:

  1. Go with the flow: Think about how you're going to use your kitchen. Obviously, you're going to cook and entertain but Houzz wants you to consider details such as placing spice racks or drawers next to cooking areas and storing cutlery near the dishwasher.

  2. Islands in the stream (or not): Islands tie a lot of kitchens together but they may not fit in every space, Southern Living counsels.

  3. Ample parking: Lots of small appliances can clutter your counters. Consider an appliance garage in your dream kitchen, Southern Living adds.

  4. Stay out of the deep end: This has to do with cabinets not soups or sauces. Storage is all the rage so lazy Susans and pullouts will ensure that French press coffee maker doesn't end up way at the back and unused for years, Southern Living notes.

  5. If it ain't broke, you don't have to fix everything: You can fit your vision into your existing layout. Your kitchen refresh may only need a breakfast bar or a wall knocked out, Houzz suggests.

  6. Light up your life: Nobody wants to chop garlic or scrub cookie sheets in the shadows. Houzz recommends placing lights "slightly in front of you rather than directly overhead or behind."

  7. Multifunction junctions: Not every meal is Thanksgiving dinner. Picture a space where you can have a quick bite, relax with a snack and a laptop or homework can be done, Homes & Gardens advises.

  8. More on the multifunctional: Don't overlook smaller details such as adding accessible outlets and device chargers, says Ideal Homes from the U.K.

  9. Don't get floored: Safety, durability and ease of cleaning are the three main considerations, Ideal Homes notes. Consider high quality, durable and low maintenance flooring.



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