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Range hoods are hot! 5 ways to use your imagination

Here's a new way to make a statement with your kitchen design: range hoods.

In the past, the standard range hood may not have enjoyed the same design stature as islands, cabinets or fridges but designers are now going way beyond stainless steel with far more imaginative treatments of this feature. Today, Kitchens By Designs of Danbury has done the web surfing for you to collect some ideas as you're envisioning how a stylized range hood completes the picture as your reimagining the most important room in your house.

The Apartment Therapy blog highlighted hoods as the "design trend taking kitchens by storm" in 2024. Designers are now using "bright colors and bold shapes" instead of trying to conceal the ventilation above the stove, the blog says.

Here are 5-ish things to keep in mind as you envision how a statement range hood will make your kitchen stand out:

  1. To borrow one more idea from Apartment Therapy, the blog recommends "focusing first on functionality and then on style." In other words, make sure the size of your imagination fits your space and that the design provides proper ventilation.

  2. Homes & Gardens is spotlighting outsized canopy hoods in it list of 2024 kitchen trends, adding that many designers now want to go big or go invisible with stovetop ventilation. The outsized hood resembles a fireplace canopy or chimney in stretching up to the ceiling and gives your kitchen a sense of height, Homes & Gardens notes.

  3. Mixed metal, arches, awnings and "industrial chic" are among the 30-plus hood designs detailed by Southern Living, which says the right range hood design can "turn the functional into a focal point."

  4. Architectural Digest shares more than 20 "design-forward" ideas that tie the range hood to cabinets and countertops. There's modern minimalism, accent straps, using height as your friend and leaving ample space for a stylistic backsplash.

  5. For our readers who are making statements with other kitchen features, here are six ideas for hiding the hood from Homes & Gardens.

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